Chitti Babu

Instrumental Music – Veena Chitti Babu

Sri Chitti Babu was a Veena Maestro and known popularly as Veena Chitti Babu. He was born on 13th October 1936 in Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh. Chitti Babu was his nickname at home and his first name was Hanumanlu but latter changed to Chitti Babu. He started playing Veena at the age of 5 and gave his first performance at 12. Chitti Babu had received a number of awards and accolades from major cultural organizations in India and abroad. He died due to a massive cardiac arrest on the 9th of February 1996 in Chennai. Let us now listen to one of his wonderful Veena recitals. The famous “Nagumomu Ganaleni” in the Abheri Raga, Adi Tala composed by Sri Thyagaraja Swami. Video used for illustration only – Credit: Carnatic Ecstasy 00