Drum Set

Instrumental Music – Chenda and Drums Fusion

Enjoy a highly energetic and entertaining fusion of Chenda and Drums. The famous Drummer Shivamani and the Multi-Talented Jayaram on the stage with Drums and Chenda. Both Shvamani and Jayaram do not need any introduction. So, let us watch the amazing performance on stage. Video used for illustration only – Credit: Malayalam Stage Shows 00

Instrumental Music – Percussion Ensemble – Jugalbandi

Here is a Percussion Ensemble – Jugalbandi of Indian Drums conceived by Durga Jasraj, produced by Durga Jasraj and Neeraj Jaitly. The video is brought to you by Art and Artistes, an Idea Jalsa “Music for the soul” event. The artists and instruments are Tabla – Bickram Ghosh Drums – Satyajeet Mukherjee Ghatam and Morsing – V Suresh Khol – Gopal Bharbando Bangala Dhol – Ronjon Dey Video used for illustration only – Credit: Art And Artistes 00

Jazz Drums

The Jazz Drum Set includes different types of Drums and Cymbals in the Jazz music genre. Jazz’s origin is in the African-American communities in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The period in 1920 and 1930s Jazz Music style gained rapid popularity and known as the Jazz Age. A Jazz Drum set is also known as Drum Kit, Trap Set or Drums. The Drums, Cymbals and other Percussion instruments in the set are mounted on stands and played by a single player with Drum Sticks. The player operates the instruments with both hands and pedals operated by feet. The foot pedal controls the Hit-Hat Cymbal and the Beater for Bass Drum. Drums are known as Membranophones and Cymbals are known as Idiophones. A standard Drum Kit normally contains the following. One Snare Drum – Mounted on a sta...