Instrumental Music – Flute and Piano Duet

Came across a beautiful Flute and Piano duet by Rakesh Chaurasia (Flute), Utsav Lal (Piano). Vijay Ghate is on Tabla. The concert is brought to us by Meru Concerts, which was held in the Theater Oranjerie, Roermond, Netherlands on 13th July 2014. Watch the video and enjoy the divine music. Picture and Video provided only for illustration – Credit: Meru Concerts 00


Accordion is a box-shaped musical instrument belonging to the Bellows-driven, Free-reed Aerophone. It is an instrument widely spread across the world. It is used in various kinds of music in different parts of the world. Accordion is played by compressing and/or expanding the bellows while pressing buttons. The pressing of buttons causes Pallets to open, allowing air to flow across strips of brass or steel, called Reeds. The Reeds vibrate and produce sound inside the body of the Accordion. There are different types and configurations of Accordions. Piano Accordions use a piano-style keyboard and Button Accordions use buttons. They can produce different pitches depending upon the direction of movement of the Bellows. Piano Accordions and Chromatic Button Accordions are Unisonic whereas Diat...