Instrumental Music – Fusion – Nagumomu

Here we have a Fusion performance by Late Sri. Balabhaskar on Violin with Drums, Chenda, Mridangam, Ganjira and Guitars. On stage we have the main performers – Balabhaskar: Violin Mridangam: Cherthala G Krishnakumar Drums: Sivamani Chenda: Mattannur Shankarankutty Marar Enjoy this excellent Fusion. Video provided only for illustration – Credit: G K Music Official 00

Instrumental Music – Shivamani

Instruments are just medium for the talented and gifted artists. They can produce music from anything they find and anything they touch. An example is our Drums Shivamani. We had featured one of his videos during the lockdown, at home. Here is another interesting one. He is playing with usual household vessels and plate. Enjoy the music that is created by him using his favourite pieces of instruments. Picture and Video provided only for illustration – Credit: Drums Shivamani 00

Instrumental Music – Chenda and Drums Fusion

Enjoy a highly energetic and entertaining fusion of Chenda and Drums. The famous Drummer Shivamani and the Multi-Talented Jayaram on the stage with Drums and Chenda. Both Shvamani and Jayaram do not need any introduction. So, let us watch the amazing performance on stage. Video used for illustration only – Credit: Malayalam Stage Shows 00

Instrumental Music – Drums Shivamani Solo

Here is a man who can create music from anything and that is none other than our Drums Shivamani. He is born on 1st December 1959 and a Percussionist cum Music Director. Shivamani does not need any introduction and is popular among Indians and Foreigners for his amazing performance on Drums. He plays many instruments – Drums, Octoban, Darbuka, Udukku, Ghatam, Kanjiara are a few to list. Shivamani is based in Chennai and began drumming at the age of seven and started his musical career at the age of eleven. Shivamani has performed with many Indian as well as Foreign musicians and artists. He was conferred upon with the title of “Kalaimamani” by the Tamil Nadu Government in 2009. He was honoured with the “Best Instrumental Act” at the prestigious Live Quotients ...