Tank Drum

Steel Tongue Drum

The Steel Tounge Drum is a musical instrument which is known also as Tank Drum or Hank Drum. It was originally made from an empty Propane Tank. The drum has Seven to ten Tongues (or more) which are cut radially and can be tuned by varying the length of the cuts or by adding weights (neodymium magnets) to the Tongues. The Steel Tongue Drum is often tuned to Pentatonic Scale (musical scale with five notes per octave). It can also be tuned to the Diatonic Scale or the Chromatic Scale or even any set of notes the maker chooses. The Steel Drum is played with fingers or mallets and a bell-like tone is produced. Let us watch a short video on how to play the Steel Tongue Drum Video provided only for illustration – Credit: Whistlingbirds 00