Instrumental Music – Nadaswaram – Nagumomu Ganaleni

Presenting to you another famous Carnatic Song, Nagumomu Ganaleni in the Abheri Raga, rendered by Shri Thiruvizha Jayashankar and Shri Valayapatti Subramaniam. Shri Thiruvizha Jayashankar, born in 1940 is a well known classical musician and Nadaswaram Maestro from Thiruvizha in the Alleppey district of Kerala. He is the son of Thiruvizha Raghava Panicker and grand son of Thiruvizha Sanku Panicker who where Nadaswaram Maestros. Shri Valayapatti A.R Subramaniam known popularly as Valayapatti is an Indian Classical Musician and Percussionist and an exponent of Thavil. He was born in Valayapatti in Pudukottai district of Tamil Nadu. He is the son of Shri Arumugham a well known Nadaswaram artist. Let us now listen to the Nadaswaram Kacheri by the duo Jayashankar and Valayapatti. Picture and Vid...

Instrumental Music – Multi-Instrument

I came across an amazing performance by T. Thuvarakan, playing nine different musical instruments on stage in Colombo. It is definitely god’s gift and he is a highly talented artist who needs a big round of applause. He plays Keytar, Octapad, Mridangam, Tabla, Tavil, Kanjira, Ghatam, Udukku, Morsing during his performance. It is very rare to find such talent and I wish him all the very best to reach the ultimate. Let us watch the amazing performance. Video shared for public entertainment – Credit: T. Thuvarakan. 00

Instrumental Music – Saxophone and Flute

Here is one fusion song with Saxophone and Flute. Accompanying them on stage are Tavil, Tabla, Keyboard and Drums. It is the famous Nagumomu Ganaleni song rendered by the artists. Enjoy this. Video used for illustration only – Credit: Udaya Kasargod 00


Thavil or Tavil is a hand percussion instrument. It is a barrel shaped drum, having leather membranes stretched on both the open ends. Thavil is mostly used in Temples and other religious festivals along with Nadaswaram. Thavil is used to accompany Nadaswaram on Carnatic Music, Folk and other genre of music. Construction The Thavil is made out of a cylindrical shell which is hollowed out of a solid block of wood. Usually the wood of Jack Fruit tree is used to make the hollow barrel shaped body. The skin (leather) of water buffalo (on the right side) and goat (on the left side) are stretched across the open sides of the shell. Hemp hoops are used to attach and stretch the skins on the shell. The right side of the Thavil is larger in diameter than the left side. The skin on the right side of...