Instrumental Music – Multi-Instrument

I came across an amazing performance by T. Thuvarakan, playing nine different musical instruments on stage in Colombo. It is definitely god’s gift and he is a highly talented artist who needs a big round of applause. He plays Keytar, Octapad, Mridangam, Tabla, Tavil, Kanjira, Ghatam, Udukku, Morsing during his performance. It is very rare to find such talent and I wish him all the very best to reach the ultimate. Let us watch the amazing performance. Video shared for public entertainment – Credit: T. Thuvarakan. 00

Instrumental Music – Udukku and Ayyappan Pattu

Udukku as we saw already, is a percussion instrument and used for Ayyappan Pattu or Ayyappan Vilakku in Kerala. Ayyappan Pattu is a ritual performed by the devotees of Lord Ayyappa. It is also known as Sastham Pattu or Udukku Pattu. It is normally done before embarking on a journey to the Sabarimala Temple during the Mandalam Season. The Ayyappan Pattu starts with Ganapathi Talam a rhythmic beat. The songs rendered depict stories from the life of Lord Ayyappa. Temporary temple of Lord Ayyappa, similar to the Sabarimala Temple is created with extensive decorations. There are specific troups who perform the Ayyappan Pattu. The players sing songs in tune with the beats of Udukku. Let us see one typical Ayyappan Pattu. Picture and Video used for illustration only – Credit: Ratheesh K Tho...


Udukku is again a double headed percussion instrument belonging to the Membranophone family. It is an instrument of Tamil origin, similar to Damaru and Idakka. Udukku is slightly larger than Damaru but smaller than Idakka. It has an hour-glass shape. It is used in Kerala, Tamilnadu and eastern parts of Sri Lanka. Udukku normally is played in folk culture or sometimes along with some temple rituals. It is also known as Udakkai The Udukku is about 10 inches long with 6 to 8 inches of diameter at the ends and having a tapering (towards centre) body. A single hollow block of Jack wood tree is used in making the body of Udukku. Goat Skin leather is used to cover the ends of Udukku across its mouth. Hoops are placed on the edge of the body. Strings are used to tighten the skins. Udukku is played...