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Contact Lenses to correct Colour Blindness

Contact Lenses to correct Colour Blindness

A new type of Contact Lenses could be used to correct Colour Blindness. People having Colour Blindness cannot see specific colours or they see the world in muted shades. Things appear in shades of gray to them.

At American Chemical Society, researchers have developed a new type of Contact Lenses. They have reported that infusing Contact Lenses with Gold Nanoparticles to create a safer way to see colours. Tinted Glasses could be used but they are not effective in correction of blurry vision. Some other types are harmful and unstable.

Problem Area

When you need to find out whether a banana is ripe or not, you need to select matching clothes it will be difficult for those having colour blindness. Stopping at red signal also could be difficult. Many who have colour blindness have difficulties in discriminating red and green shades.

Tinted Glasses can be used to certain extent for correction but the lens material cannot be made to fix problems in vision. They can be bulky as well. It is at this juncture the researchers started working on developing a special tinted contact lenses.

According to the researchers, the new tinted contact lenses with gold nanoparticles are found to be most effective in correction of colour blindness. They are also less harmful and give better results compared to Tinted Glasses.

Read the report published by the American Chemical Society on 3rd March 2021 on the Phys.Org website for more details on the new development.

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