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Gen Z the New Generation

Gen Z the New Generation

Gen Z is referred to as the Generation Z, the New Generation, who are born between mid-to-late 1990s and early 2010s. They are also known as “iGeneration”, the “Homeland Generation”, the “Mulit-Gen” or “Zoomers”. Gen Z is born in the digital age and members of Generation Z have been dubbed “digital natives”. Therefore they have a technology-saturated lifestyle.

We can observe some or all of these characteristics with the Gen Z.

  • Financially Focused – Gen Z understands that a job is essential for financial reasons and hence will accept employment that provides steady income and necessary benefits. It may not be their dream job
  • Entrepreneurial – They are not afraid of chasing their ideas and making them reality. They have the confidence to bring success in whatever they do
  • Independent and Competitive – Unlike the millennials, they prefer fabricating their own destiny. They will very often take chances of leaping through the doors of opportunity
  • Realistic – While millennials are idealistic, ambitious and passionate about whatever they do, the Gen Z is keenly aware of the need to save for the future. This is because they have been raised during a time of global economic stress

Technology is at our fingertips now. We can see Gen Z in the new Workforce who are quite different from the previous generations. Gen Z has a priority for positive relationships, Work-Life Balance, Flexibility of Schedules and Stability of Job. The wait is over. You will see more and more Gen Z around you very soon.

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