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Human Responsibility

Human Responsibility

Are you responsible?

Every person is responsible in one way or the other towards oneself, family, friends, community, environment, country and world. At every stage in the life of a person, the responsibilities change. Parents are responsible for the well-being and upbringing of their children. Children are responsible for taking care of their health, hygiene, studies and helping their parents at home. The responsibility increases as we grow up in life.

Parents at every walk of their children’s life must provide support, motivation, comfort and protection while guiding them with values in life. Earlier in the case of joint families, it was mainly the grandparents who used to inject human values in children by way of stories and examples. Somewhere at one stage, that chain has broken, mainly due to the disintegration and becoming nuclear families. Because of this, the younger generation do not know about the values in life and have become a bit selfish. With nobody to guide them properly, they tend to live a lifestyle which puts them into enormous pressure and end up in difficult situations that they can not manage. Children should grow up in a positive and healthy environment.

In life, we see that many children do not have an attachment with their parents. They do not have an attachment to their siblings and they do not have any attachment to the community they live in. Their responsibilities and priorities are centered on to themselves. They forget about their responsibility towards others, even their own dear and near ones.

Parents are also busy and tensed in their life because they are struggling to maintain the social status and make sure that their children are on top in all aspects. Money and prestige is everything for them. Competition is on its height. No one can accept and contain failures in life. Parents do not have time to look after their children, they fail to realize how a child lives a neglected life. Children who do not get love, affection, support and motivation from their own parents tend to lose track and find enjoyment in bad habits and company. Many do not have time to spend with their parents and support them in their old age. Result? Elders are admitted in old age homes and care centres, visited by children few times in an year.

We celebrate Father’s Day, Mother’s Day and so many days for this and that in a year. But is that one day enough to fulfill our responsibilities?. Life is “Give and Take”. if you fail to give, then you don’t have any right to take.

  • As a parent one must be responsible for the well-being and upbringing of children
  • As a son or daughter, one is responsible towards the parents and siblings
  • As community members, all are responsible towards the community they live in
  • As a citizen each one must be responsible in up-keeping the heritage, values, unity and integrity of the country
  • Together, all must be responsible for peace and happiness in the world
  • As an employer, one must take care of his employees and be with them in their times of hardship
  • As an employee, one is responsible to abide by the rules and regulations stipulated by his/her employer. Responsible to abide by the business ethics and etiquette
  • As a teacher, one must be responsible for providing good values and education to the students. Must be impartial in his actions
  • As students, we must respect our teachers, our institution and our fellow students and be considerate
  • As a leader, one must lead a team to perform well and abide by rules and regulations. Must be impartial and non-corrupt in his actions
  • We are responsible for the environment and the planet we live in

Our responsibilities change depending upon the roles that we are assigned in life. Handling multiple roles is not an easy thing and people tend to succumb in life. You are not alone in this world. You must be thankful to one or more people at any stage in your life. You can say “I have worked hard to achieve this” but don’t ever think that it is only your effort that has given you a good result. So, you have a responsibility which you must fulfill without fail.

Arnold Toynbee a British historian, philosopher of history and author of numerous books has mentioned “As human beings, we are endowed with freedom of choice, and we cannot shuffle our responsibility upon the shoulders of God or Nature. We must shoulder it ourselves. It is our responsibility”.

Do you think you are responsible?

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