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Indian Art and Craft – Bagurumba Dance

Indian Art and Craft – Bagurumba Dance

Bagurumba is a traditional dance form of the Boro (Bodo) community living in the state of Assam and North East India. It is inspired by and dedicated to the nature and also very colourful folk dance form. Bagurumba is an energetic and beautifully choreographed youthful dance.

The Bagurumba dance form resembles the gentle and poetic movements of butterflies. Bodo women perform the dance, wearing colourful traditional attire Dokhna, Jwmgra and Aronai. Dancers move very softly like a butterfly that has just started to fly. It is not an easy dance form though, watching it, one may feel it is simple and easy to perform. Lot of practice is required to bring in the grace and softness in this dance form.

The Bagurumba dance is normally performed at the Bwishagu Festival where people worship cows and then bow to their elders. The main deity of the Bwishagu festival is Bathou. Bagurumba dance is performed to please Bathou and offer Chicken, Rice, Beer and Zou to the deity. The musical instruments used in the dance form are Serja, Sifung, Kham, Tharkha, Jota, Gongwna.

Watch a short video of the Bagurumba Dance form.

Video Credit: Ministry of Culture Govt. Of India

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