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Indian Art and Craft – Buiya Folk Dance

Indian Art and Craft – Buiya Folk Dance

Buiya is a popular Folk Dance form of Digaru Mishmi Tribes of the beautiful north-eastern state of Arunachal Pradesh in India. It is an attraction during all Tribal Festivals in the state. Both men and women perform the Buiya Dance, while mostly performed with family members and other close relatives.

Entertainment is the main purpose and unique formations combines with the beat of different instruments make it an exciting show to watch. It brings a bonding between the people, which is also performed during festivals like Tazampu, Duiya and Tanuya where it has a different meaning. It is for the prosperity and well-being of the ones dancing.


The dance performers form a straight line with one behind the other and the passage going from the front to the rear end of the house is normally the dance stage. The dancers start moving from the front end to the rear end as the music plays. Drums and Gongs are mainly used as instruments in the Buiya Dance. Songs may be sung in solo or in a chorus. There is no specific costume for the dancers. Typically Tribal wear is used as the costume.

Men dress in jacket with no sleeves on the top and a loin cloth at the bottom. They wear a turban on the head and some jewellery around neck and wrists. Women wear a long wrap skirt and blouse. A smaller skirt is wrapped over the long one. A side bag is hung on their shoulders with different types of jewellery to beautify the look.

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