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Mosquitoes and our Health

Mosquitoes and our Health

One serious consequence of Mosquito bites can be transmission of serious diseases and viruses like Malaria, Dengue, Zika etc. which affect our health. Most of us have very unpleasant experience of bitten by mosquitoes. Mosquito bites cause skin irritation through its saliva through an allergic reaction. It causes itching and red bump on the affected area.

Mosquitoes not only affect humans but dogs, cattle and horses as well. There are about 200 different species of mosquitoes in US only. They live in specific habitats and exhibit unique behaviour. The four stages of life cycle of mosquitoes – egg, larva, pupa and adult.

We all know that normally mosquitoes lay eggs where there is standing water, including ponds, lakes and streams. Some of them even lay eggs in tree holes, old tires, buckets, toys, plant trays and saucers etc.

How to prevent mosquitoes

Here are some tips to prevent mosquitoes

  • Remove the presence of standing water – Never allow water to accumulate in any open area or vessels, plastic cans or anything that can hold water
  • Clean out the Gutters and Drainage frequently – maintain a smooth flow water in the drainage system
  • Change water on a weekly basis – always change water in pet bowls, bird baths, rain barrels, plant containers etc. weekly once
  • If there are any low-lying areas that can hold rain or waste water, fill them up
  • Outdoor Light bulbs which attract mosquitoes and insects must be changed with special bulbs called “Bug Lights”
  • If you have pools and other water sources in the garden, clean them frequently
  • Whether you are indoor or outdoor, protect yourselves from mosquito bites. During dawn and dusk, mosquitoes can be very active. So, avoid being outside during such times. Wear long pants and sleeves wherever possible to limit exposed skin. Mosquitoes can even penetrate through your dress and hence it always does not give you good results
  • There are some creams which repel mosquitoes but at the same time harmless to human. Apply such creams whenever required
  • Use nets on windows and doors wherever possible and keep them closed even when the window or doors are open
  • While sleeping, you can use mosquito nets if possible instead of applying creams
  • Burn some incense sticks or herbs at the dawn and dusk
  • If it is uncontrollable by simple means, please call professionals

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