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New Pulsars detected

New Pulsars detected

Astronomers have detected four new Pulsars named J1245-52, J1447-50, J1810-42 and J1936-30. A team of Astronomers led by Shubham Singh of the TIFR (Tata Institute of Fundamental Research in Pune, India have detected the new four Pulsars.

They detected the new four Pulsars as a part of the GMRT (Giant Meterwave Radio Telescope) GHRSS (GMRT High Resolution Southern Sky) Survey. An article published on the Phys.Org website details about this new finding. Pulsars – Highly Magnetized, rotating Neutron Stars – emit a beam of Electromagnetic Radiation. They are usually detected in the form of short bursts of Radio Emission. Some of these Pulsars can also be observed using Optical, X-Ray and Gamma-Ray Telescopes.

According to the researchers, they used an FFA-based pipeline to search for Isolated Pulsars in a period range 100ms to 100s. FFA is the Fast Folding Algorithm, which is based on folding of the Time Series. This has more sensitivity to search for signals with long periods and short duty cycles.

Read the complete article published by Tomasz Nowakowski on website for more details. The details of the finding can be found in a research paper published October 29 on the arXiv pre-print repository.

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