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Niebla Antique – New Carnivorous Dinosaur

Niebla Antique – New Carnivorous Dinosaur

Sci News report on 23rd November 2020 show that Niebla Antique – New Carnivorous Dinosaur has been unearthed in Patagonia.

It is a new genus and species of medium-sized Abelisaurid dinosaur which was found in northern Patagonia, Argentina. It is scientifically named “Niebla Antique” which is estimated to have lived approximately 69 million years ago.


The new dinosaur belongs to Abelisauridae family. Abelisauridae is a family of Ceratosaurian theropod dinosaurs. They existed exclusively in the ancient Gondwana supercontinent and appeared during the middle Jurassic period. They survived until the end of the Mesozoic era.


Niebla Antique is found to be much smaller than Abelisaurus and Carnotaurus. Its fossils were found at a farm near Matadero hill, 70km south of General Roca city in Rio Negro province.

The fossils when analyzed revealed that the new one had a highly derived braincase and pectoral (shoulder) girdle.

Source of information: Sci News

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