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PHIO+ Purification – Basics

PHIO+ Purification – Basics

Photo Hydro Ionized Oxidation Plus PHIO+ is a hybrid active air purification technology that produces a family of highly Reactive Oxygen Species, which purify the air as well as the surface. It combines the opposite polarities with photocatalysis to destroy smells and germs. Photo Hydro Ionization Advanced Oxidation Process is very effective on gases as well as the airborne microbes that are found traveling throughout the HVAC system and rooms.

This exclusive advanced oxidation process utilizes dual wavelength UV elements that are targeted onto a tri-metallic catalyst surface. It is recommended for large spaces to control grating smells and allergens. The technology reduces the bio-aerosol burden in the air, consequently, diminishing the cross-infection pathogen load significantly.

PHI utilizes a broad-spectrum, high intensity UV light targeted on a hydrated quad-metallic catalyst. The UV light in conjunction with the catalyst promotes the conversion of naturally occurring water vapor into airborne molecules of Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2). These airborne H2O2 molecules revert to oxygen and hydrogen once they have come in contact with a pollutant.

This technology can be installed in the supply air side of existing or new AHUs, Ductables, HRV, FCU, and many other HVAC Products. Technology application included Laboratories, Food & Packaging Industry, Library and Museums, Healthcare etc.

Information collected from various sources for public awareness

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