Instrumental Music – Flute – Palak Jain

Here is a beautiful song played by Palak Jain, dedicated to all the heroes and heroines of determination. Palak Jain, daughter of Sachin Jain is a talented flute artist who started learning flute at the age of seven from her father. The song Kal Ho Naa Ho by Shankar Ehsaan Loy and Sonu Nigam is played by Palak Jain on flute. Enjoy the song and promote the talent. Video provided only for illustration – Credit: The Golden Notes 00

Instrumental Music – Flute – Rajesh

Here is a very beautiful Malayalam Film Song rendered on Flute by Sri Rajesh Cherthala. It is presented by him as a tribute to the Great Music Director Late Raveendran Master. The original song “Poikayil, Kulir Poikayil” is from the movie Rajashilpi by Mohanlal and Bhanupriya. Artists in this video are Rajesh on Flute, Anoop Anand on Keyboard, Mahesh Mani on Tabla. Enjoy the song. Video provided only for illustration – Credit: Rajesh Chertala 00

Instrumental Music – Unusual Musical Instruments

Today we have a special video showcasing talents playing unusual musical instruments. We can see instruments like Saxophone from PVC Pipes, Xylophone made of Stone, Glass Harmonica, Carrot Flute etc. Whatever the instrument be, the music produced by it is amazing and the artists are higly talented. Please do not forget to show your appreciation and encouragement to the talented artists. Video provided only for illustration – Credit: Perdoscope 00

Instrumental Music – Saxophone and Flute

Here is one fusion song with Saxophone and Flute. Accompanying them on stage are Tavil, Tabla, Keyboard and Drums. It is the famous Nagumomu Ganaleni song rendered by the artists. Enjoy this. Video used for illustration only – Credit: Udaya Kasargod 00

Instrumental Music – Jugalbandi

Here is a Jugalbandi performance between Clarinet, Saxophone and Flute. Enjoy Late Dr. Kadri Gopalnath on Saxophone, Dr. Pandit Narasimhalu Vadavati on Clarinet and Mr. Pravin Godkhindi on Flute. It is one of the rare piece of performance. Late Dr. Kadri Gopalnath, we know was a Saxophone maestro. Dr. Pandit Narasimhalu Vadavati was born in 1942 in Vadavati village, Raichur taluk of Karnataka, India. His father was Tabla Player, Grandfather a Shehnai Artist and mother a Devotional Singer. Mr. Pravin Godkhindi is an Indian Classical Hindustani Flute player, born in 1973 at Dharwad, Karnataka, India. He has mastered both styles (Tantrakari and Gayaki) of playing the Flute. All three are highly talented artists in their own areas and have received many awards, titles and accolades for their p...

Instrumental Music – Flute Concert

Featured today, we have Vidwan J A Jayanth on flute and team performing for the Naada Inbam December Music Festival 2020. The first song rendered here is the Hamsadhwani Ragam. The concert is about 2 hours and you can enjoy various songs. Accompanying him are as follows. Violin: Sri L Ramakrishnan Mridangam: N C Bharadwaj Ghatam: Chandrasekhara Sharma J A Jayant is one of the promising young flautists who started his performance at the age of 7. Flute Maestro Late Sri T S Sankaran is his grand father. He has pefrormed at various Music Sabhas and venues in India and abroad. L Ramakrishnan hails from a musical family. His formal initiation into music was done by his mother when he was 2 years old. After learning Carnatic Vocal for eight years, his Violin classes started when he was 10. He ha...

Instrumental Music – Tabla and Flute

Here is one absolutely mesmerising performance by our Ustad Zakir Hussain – Rakesh Chaurasia duo with just Tabla and Flute (Bansuri). Listening to the music with headphones is much advised to fully immerse into and get the ultimate feeling. Ustad Zakir Hussain Ustad Zakir Hussain is the eldest son of Ustad Allah Rakha (1919-2000) who was a maestro on Tabla, specialized in Hindustani Classical Music. Ustad Alla Rakha was mainly responsible for the introduction of Tabla to the Western audience. Zakir Hussain (born in 1951) was a child prodigy who was taught Pakhwaj by his father at the age of 3 years and gave his first concert at the age of seven and started touring at eleven. He has received many awards and accolades from various Indian and Foreign governments and organizations. He re...

Instrumental Music – Flute Concert

Presenting to you a live Flute Concert by legendary Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia. He is rendering the Raga Kirwani on a bamboo flute at the TheaterHotel de Oranjerie, Roermond, The Netherlands. On Tabla, it is Pandit Vijay Ghate. Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia is an Indian Music Director and a Hindustani Classical Flautist born in Allahabad in 1938. He lost his mother at an early age and learned music and practised at his friend’s house, without his father’s knowledge. His father wanted him to become a wrestler. Music Life He started vocal music from his neighbour Rajaram and switched to playing flute. He was trained under Sri. Bholanath Prasanna of Varanasi for eight years. He joined the All India Radio (AIR) Cuttack in 1957 to work as a composer and performer. Awards and Accolade...


Flute is a wind instrument and belongs to the woodwind group of musical instruments. It is an aerophone or reedless instrument, unlike the Harmonium which also produce sound by the flow of air through an opening. Flutes are categorized as edge-blown aerophones. Aerophone is a type of musical instrument which produces sound by causing a body of air to vibrate. It does not use strings (chordophones) or membranes (membrophones) in producing the sound. Also, it does not vibrate considerably on its own (idiophones), while producing the sound. A system of musical instrument classification was devised by Erich Mortiz Von Hornbostel and Curt Sachs in 1914 called Hornbostel-Sachs or Sachs-Hornbostel. According to this classification, Flues are classified as “Edge-Blown Aerophones”. Orig...