Stephen Devassy

Instrumental Music – Fusion Band – Stephen Devassy

Here is one of the best performances by Stephan Devassy and the Solid Band. The amazing performance was in Navi Mumbai for the celebration of Seal charity fest in 2017. Stephen Devassy (born 23 February 1981) is an Indian musician hailing from Palakkad, Kerala. He started his career at a very early age, and has performed on stage around the world. Stephen is the founder of Musik Lounge, an audio technology school and studio in Chennai. Enjoy the performance. Video provided only for illustration – Credit: YouTube Frames/Seal Charity Fest 00

Instrumental Music – Mandolin Concert

U Srinivas – Uppalapu Srinivas is well known to many as an Indian Mandolin Player in Carnatic Classical Music. He was a Child Prodigy and used to be called as Mozart of Indian Classical Music. He was also a music composer and well known as Mandolin Srinivas. Born in 1969 at Palakollu in the then, Andhra Pradesh he started with Mandolin at the age of five. U Satyanarayana his father, a Clarinettist, had a Mandolin which Srinivas was very much attracted to and started playing with it. He got a new Mandolin from his father and started training under him. Srinivas got training under Sri Vasu Rao a famous Guitarist, Sri Rudraraju Subbaraju and many others. He had his own style of playing the Mandolin, developed all by himself. He entered the Western Music arena in 1976. Public Appearance ...