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Virtual Reality (VR) in Education

Virtual Reality (VR) in Education

Virtual Reality (VR) is a technology that provides users with an Interactive Computer-Generated experience. Multi-Sensory interactions and reactions within a simulated environment engages the users with text, audio, visual, spatial and/or speed messages.

VR could be seamlessly integrated in learning, training and instructions in different contexts. It is the most engaging and emotionally positive learning method when compared to textbooks and video.


Virtual Reality uses special Headsets comprising of stereoscopic head-mounted display. They provide separate images for each eye, stereo sound and head motion tracking sensors. These motions sensors include Gyroscopes, Accelerometers, Magnetometers, Structured Light Systems etc. Some of them have Eye-Tracking Sensors and Gaming Controllers.

Users are able to interact with a Virtual Environment or a Virtual Artifact (VA). They use standard input devices such as a Keyboard and Mouse, or Multimodal Devices such as a Wired Glove, the Polhemus Boom Arm, and Omnidirectional Treadmill. The simulated environment can be similar to the real world.


Comparison was done on different learning methods like Textbook, Video and using VR. Researchers found that higher positive rating was obtained for learning with VR method. The second rated was Textbook method and then the Video Learning. Student reports showed that Video Learning is boring and basic while VR Learning was engaging and exciting. VR Learning methods increase engagement in the classroom and give the students more positive learning experience providing a lively experience.

Picture used for illustration only – Credit: David Lohner

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