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Clinical Psychology

Clinical Psychology

Few years back, careers in Psychology were not so popular but it is now one of the highly demanding areas of study and profession. The job of Psychologists were not considered very important until recently. But situation has changed especially due to the modern living and working conditions.

The field of studies in Psychology has expanded very much and it now includes treating animals having mental problems. With humans, mental issues are on the increase and therefore the demand is much more compared to olden days. Science and Technology is evolving at a fast pace and new diagnoses are made, related to Psychological problems. This has resulted in need and opportunities for more Psychologists.

What is Clinical Psychology?

Clinical Psychology can be defined as an integration of Science, Theory and Clinical Knowledge for understanding, preventing and relieving Psychological Distress or Dysfunction. It promotes Subjective Well-Being and Personal Development. Psychological Assessment, Clinical Formulation and Psychotherapy are central to Clinical Psychology practice. Clinical Psychology is a regulated Mental Health Profession in many countries. Clinical Psychologist is a person practicing Clinical Psychology and they also do Research, Teaching, Consultation, Forensic Testimony, Program Development and Administration. But Clinical Psychology is different from Psychiatry though the practitioners in both fields are mental health professionals.

Clinical Psychologists treat mental disorders through Psychotherapy, a procedure using Psychological methods based on regular personal interaction. They have either a Doctorate in Psychology or a Doctor of Psychology degree. Clinical Psychologists study a general program in Psychology followed by Postgraduate training and/or Clinical placement supervision. The duration of the training differs across the world.

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Disclaimer: The information provided here is only for public awareness. Choose your area of study according to your interest and affordability.

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