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Electricity From Air Moisture

Electricity From Air Moisture

Can you imagine generating Electricity from Moisture in the Air? Research and Development has made it possible to generate Electricity by harnessing Moisture in the Air around us with some simple items. Let us find out more on this development.

Researchers at the National University of Singapore’s (NUS) College of Design and Engineering (CDE) have developed a new device which is capable of generating Electricity from Moisture. The device generates Electricity from Moisture around us using simple everyday items like Fabric, Sea Salt, Carbon Ink and a special Water-Absorbing Gel. This device is termed as Moisture-Driven Electricity Generation (MEG) device.

Different materials have the ability to generate Electricity from the interaction with Moisture in the atmosphere. This forms the concept for the MEG Devices. These devices will have potential use in a wide range of real-world applications such as Self-Powered devices like Wearable Electronics and many others.

Read more about the new Self-Charging, Ultra-Thin Device that can generate Electricity from Moisture in the air in an article published at on 17th August 2022. The article is published by the National University Of Singapore. Asst Proffessor Tan Swee Ching, together with Dr Zhang Yaoxin and Mr Qu Hao, developed a self-charging fabric that generates electricity from air moisture.

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