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Electricity Using Ocean Waves

Electricity Using Ocean Waves

Do you know that we can use Ocean Waves to generate Electricity? A team of researchers at the Chinese Academy of Sciences has developed a new method to generate Electricity using the Ocean Waves. Details of this development is published in the Journal “One Earth” in which the researchers have explained how the new device works.

Alternative Energy Sources

Until now, the main Alternative Energy Sources were Solar, Geothermal and Wind Power. But now, with this new development, we can count on Ocean Waves for producing Electricity. Oceans as well as large lakes produce waves. But due to the cost factors, generating Electricity from such waves did not get much attention. The current systems used for producing Electricity from Waves use a method where Magnets are pushed through Coils. This arrangement turns out to be bulky and expensive and also inefficient.

New Development

The new development uses Waves to generate Static Electricity. The researchers built several Nanogenerators that float on the surface of an Ocean. Each Nanogenerator are linked together using flexible connectors. These Nanogenerators have spring-like coils inside them rubbing against one another when these devices are moved by Waves. The touching parts generate Static Electricity. The energy from these Nanogenerators is then pooled and used as a power source. The researchers demonstrated this technique which could produce 347 watts of Power per cubic meter.

TechXplore reports about this new development in their article dated 20th September 2022.

Read the complete details about this development at One Earth

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