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How Do Ants Communicate

How Do Ants Communicate

It is very interesting to study about how Ants communicate between each other. You would have noticed the highly effective co-ordination between ants while dragging things from one place to other. Scientists are studying how Ants communicate in a way probably much better than other species.

Apparently, Ants emit a sort of “Scent Markers”, known as “Danger-Signalling Pheromones”. These enable the Ants to communicate with each other. The Scent Markers activate a specific part of an Ant’s brain. This can change the behaviour of an entire nest of Ants. A recent journal “Cell” published by Cell Press on June 14th explores how these Danger-Signalling Pheromones work.

In an article published on Phys.Org website describes about the Specialized Communication Processing Center of Ants. Taylor Hart of Rockefeller University describes about the Olfactory Communication Systems in Ants. He says “over the course of evolution, Ants have evolved extremely complex Olfactory Systems. This compared to other insects allows them to communicate using many different types of Pheromones, that can mean different things”.

The research suggests that like humans, Ants have their own kind of Communication Center in their brains. This communication centre interprets Danger-Signals or Alarm Pheromones from other Ants.

Read more in detail about the Communication System in Ants here in the article published on Phys.Org on 14th of June 2023.

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