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Kedarkantha Trek Day-3

Kedarkantha Trek Day-3

Juda and Juda to Sankri – 12th March 2019 – Day 3

 Though it was a sleepless night for all, we got up by 6 in the morning. The view outside was unbelievable. The heavy snow fall resulted in accumulation of ice around the tent. The tents were almost 12 inches covered by ice. The trees and tents were all covered with ice.

As the sun came up, snow started melting and falling down from the trees. The guides informed us that we cannot go to the Kedarkantha Summit due to the heavy snow and the maximum we can go further is up to the upper base camp. The camp there was fully covered with ice and not suitable for stay. It was our bad luck that we could not make up to the summit.

We finished our breakfast and started climbing up to the upper Juda camp. The next point of attraction was the Juda Lake or Juda Ka Talab. It is a lake covered with ice. Only experts know where exactly the lake is and therefore dangerous for the trekkers. It is possible that we keep our foot on ice and we go inside. This is where one must follow the instructions of the Guide.

It was difficult to climb as our feet got immersed in ice and we slipped and fell down many times. We continued climbing. At one point my wife slipped and started rolling down. She hit me and I also fell down. We both started rolling down. Luckily the guide Vijay was behind us and he could stop both of us from going further down. Otherwise we would have ended up somewhere in the Juda camp.

We reached Juda Ka Talab in some time and had fun building the snow man and dancing. We were joined by some other trekkers and all of us enjoyed. We continued climbing up. The trek is steep and involves an element of risk and caution. It was fun of course.

As we moved further, we reached a place where we could see a small hut similar to the Bhansilal’s Maggie Point. It was Rana’s Café and his children Sachi and his sister Prambha were managing it. Sachi was in 10th and Prambha in 7th grade. They told for two weeks the shop was opened only that day.

We had hot tea from the café. The guides told us that it is steep climb from there onward and could take more time than usual because of the ice.

I decided not to venture out into climbing further as I was worried about my back pain, though I did not have any back pain at that time. My wife also decided to stay back with me and while we remained at Rana’s Café, others started climbing further.

We had an excellent time chatting with the Sachi and Prambha about their education. They told us that it was no use going to school as many days the teachers would not come and even if they come, they will come and sleep in the classroom. Hence, they preferred to run the shop which gives come income for their living.

We took some pictures and the guide Jaichand who was with us, showed us the Kedarkantha ranges and explained the different mountain peaks. He said as it is not possible to go beyond the upper base camp, staying back did not make any difference to us.

The Swargarohini peak was very clear from here. Our guide Jaichand was with us and showed us the Kedarkantha Summit from there.

Ice was used for everything… making coffee and tea, cleaning the vessels etc. They take fresh ice from top of the Tent or nearby clean places where no one would normally walk. It was pure ice with no contamination.

Trekkers who went up to the upper base camp, had some fun there. The upper Juda camp was fully covered with ice and there was no way to stay there.

In about an hour and a half, those who went up, came down and we discussed about whether we should stay back in Juda camp for a day more or return to Sankri. As it was not sure whether snow fall could again make things difficult, we decided to climb down and go back to the Sankri base camp.

While on our way back to the Juda camp, we had fun sliding over the ice.

We reached the Juda camp and packed our stuff. The luggage was then sent to Sankri base camp.

We had lunch at Juda and started our return. I and my wife along with Jaichand started first, while others were having lunch as we could take more time to descend than other youngsters.

It was extremely difficult while descending, due the slippery path. The guide helped us very much and by that time, Sachi and Prambha also joined us on their way back home

Sachi took care of me and Prambha was with my wife carrying her backpack and assisting her. Jaichand had two of our trekking bags which he carried to the Sankri base camp. We stopped at many places and took rest. For us, coming down was more difficult than going up.

At about 4 in the evening we reached a place from where Sankri village was only 15 minutes of walk. Others also joined us by that time. We took some rest there.

Continued our walk and reached the Sankri base camp at about 6. Had hot tea. Though we could not go up to the Kedarkantha Summit, we enjoyed our trek. All of us were extremely tired. Took rest at the camp and later in the night had dinner and some enjoyment.

Our mission though incomplete, accomplished to our satisfaction. All of us have decided to return once again and complete the full trek very soon when time permits.

That was the end of our three-day trek to Kedarkantha – one we will never forget in our life.

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