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New Pulsating Variable Stars Discovered

New Pulsating Variable Stars Discovered

Turkish Astronomers have discovered ten new Pulsating Variable Stars. An article published by Tomasz Nowakowsi on website details about the discovery. The discovery included five Delta Scuti Variables. The Turkish Astronomers analyzed the data from NASA’s Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS) and detected them.

A Variable Star is a type of Star whose brightness changes with time. The apparent magnitude of brightness a Variable Star as seen from the Earth changes with Time. This variation could be due to the change in the light emitted by the star or it being blocked partially by something. Variable Stars are classified as either Intrinsic Variables or Extrinsic Variables.

Delta Scuti Variable is a sub class of the young Pulsating Star. The pulsations are caused by expansions and contractions in the outer layers of a Star as it seeks to maintain equilibrium. The Luminosity of the Pulsating Star is affected by fluctuations in Stellar Radius.

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