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Simulated Black Hole

Simulated Black Hole

Scientists have simulated a Black Hole in the Lab. The research led by a team of scientists at the University of Amsterdam has demonstrated that the radiations coming from Black Holes can be studied by simulation in the lab. They used a one-dimensional chain of atoms to simulate the event. Electrons can hop from one atomic site to the next in this model. This is an equivalent of Hawking Radiation.

Black Holes are those extreme objects in the Universe which pack enormous mass into a very little space. Nothing can escape the gravitational pull of Black Holes – even light – once it gets close to a Black Hole. To understand the fundamental laws governing the Cosmos, it is very much essential to understand the Black Hole. Black Holes represent the limits of two of the best tested theories of Physics – Theory of General Relativity and Theory of Quantum Mechanics.

Hawking Radiation describes hypothetical particles formed by a Black Hole’s boundary. It implies that Black Holes have temperatures that are inversely proportional to their mass. In other words, a smaller Black Hole is hotter and should glow. In this simulated Black Hole, the researchers could observe the glow inside the lab.

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