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Solar-Powered Lasers

Solar-Powered Lasers

A study at Heriot-Watt University shows that we can have Solar-Powered Lasers. We have abundant supply of Sunlight, which could be used to power lasers. Dr. Erik Gauger from Heriot-Watt’s Institute of Photonics and Quantum Sciences outlines a method on how Solar-Powered Lasers could work, in a study published in the New Journal of Physics.


An article published on Phys.Org on 25th Jan 2022 talks about this new study. The conventional Lasers are powered by Electrical Energy from a battery or Grid. The new Sunlight-Powered Laser could be used to kickstart chemical processes in the production of Fertilizers as per the scientists. Dr. Erik Gauger worked with a team of International Colleagues in the study of Solar-Powered Lasers.

Similar to the Photosynthesis process in plants, a blueprint for the new Solar-Powered Laser System is designed. Dr. Gauger and his colleagues from Italy and Monaco turned to Purple Bacteria, which have ring-like antennae and a reaction center in the middle. Purple Bactetia is a group of Photosynthetic Organisms found in the ponds and lakes which have inspired them in this study.

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Picture provided for illustration only. It is a Pictorial representation of the design principle presented in the study. A photosynthetic antenna complex collects energy from sunlight, which is converted to an electronic excitation and efficiently funneled to an H-dimer placed in the middle. Here, the excitation is absorbed to a bright, high-energy state and it relaxes quickly to a dark, low-energy state. This mechanism prevents re-emission and allows population inversion between the |L⟩ and |G⟩ states and, therefore, lasing.

Picture Credit: DOI: 10.1088/1367-2630/ac2852

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