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Vitamin D And Brain Health

Vitamin D And Brain Health

Vitamin D deficiency has widespread effects including that on Brain Health according to a recent finding. According to Research Scientists at University of South Australia, there is an effect of Vitamin D deficiency on Brain Health, with a risk of Dementia.

Recently I read an article published by Enrico de Lazaro on the Sci News website – dated 15 June 2022 – regarding this effect of Vitamin D deficiency. Vitamin D deficiency is very common and hence thought I should share this news.

In the article, it is mentioned that there are various mechanisms by which active Vitamin D may affect the Brain and the risk factors. Vitamin D deficiency can generally lead to loss of Bone Density and in turn can contribute to Osteoporosis and Fracture.

When you don’t get enough Vitamin D in your diet or your body does not absorb enough Vitamin D from food, you can have Vitamin D deficiency. Other causes are like insufficient exposure to Sunlight, Liver and/or Kidneys cannot convert Vitamin D to its active form.

Read the original article about the study on the link between Vitamin D Deficiency and Brain Health here.

Read more about Vitamin Deficiency here.

Disclaimer: Information provided here is only for public awareness

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