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Who made the first Artificial Limbs?

Who made the first Artificial Limbs?

We have heard of Artificial Limbs like arms and hands. But do we know who made it first? Let us see who did this.

The first Artificial Limb was made by a French Surgeon named Ambroise Pare who lived between 1510 and 1590. During that time, Surgery was not practiced by Physicians but it was one of the specialties of the Hair Cutting Profession. A young Pare had the Barber’s training and in 1541 he joined the Army as a Barber Surgeon. Then he became the Surgeon to the French King Henry II and to the king’s three sons who succeeded him.

Ambroise Pere was a very popular Surgeon as he introduced several improvements in the existing methods. He gave up the practice of Cauterizing Wounds with Boiling Oil. Instead he tied off the exposed arteries and covered them with simple dressings.

He developed several artificial limbs like Arms and Hands. He made an Arm that could be bent at the elbow and a hand with movable fingers.

Interesting isn’t it?

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