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Allergy Symptoms in the Morning

Allergy Symptoms in the Morning

Many are suffering from Allergy Symptoms in the morning. Allergens cause the common morning problems like Stuffy Nose, Sneezing, Postnasal Drip, Runny Nose etc.

Allergies can flare up in the morning due to various reasons. You may be exposed to certain types of allergens while you are sleeping. The morning symptoms can be an after effect of the same. Pollen counts are normally highest in the early mornings.

Primary Causes

Allergy symptoms can be due to Vasomotor Rhinitis which is a kind of inflammation in the nasal membranes. The body’s immune systems sometimes overreact to the allergens in the air. This causes an inflammation or swelling in the nose. This in turn cause the morning symptoms.

You may have Nasal Congestion, Wheezing, Headache, Watery Eyes, Sneezing, Roughness in your voice etc. The common allergens responsible for the morning symptoms include

  1. Pollen – Pollen counts are highest in the morning and due to this your morning symptoms can be worst
  2. Dust Mites – They are extremely tiny bugs belonging to spider family. They live in house dust and feed on dead skin that people regularly shed
  3. Pet Dander – If your pets sleep on your bed or bed room, this can trigger symptoms in the morning
  4. Mold – The primary allergen in Mold is the Mold Spore. These Spores once make their way into the air, they find a way to enter your nose as well. This triggers an allergic reaction
  5. Dust – Dust particles on Carpet can cause allergies
  6. Air Filters in the Air Conditioner – The Air Filters in Air Conditioners and Coolers can accumulate a lot of dust and can be harmful

Other causes for the allergy symptoms can be Strong Odors, Medication, Acid Reflux, Hormonal Changes etc.


  • Avoid sleeping with your pets and don’t allow them on your bed as far as possible
  • Do not use Carpets in bedrooms. Instead use tiles or hardwood on the floors
  • Reduce the humidity level in your bedroom using dehumidifiers
  • Use Dust Mite-Proof bed cover and pillow cover
  • Take Antihistamine before going to bed if needed, after consulting with your doctor
  • Avoid keeping too much stuff in your bedroom which causes accumulation of dust
  • Dust the floor and other hard surfaces regularly
  • Vacuum the carpets at least once in a week
  • Avoid sleeping with windows open to reduce pollen in the bedroom
  • Check and control the Air Quality inside your home periodically
  • Keep your head elevated to avoid acid reflux


Remember, these are only tips and the exact cause and remedy for your specific problems can be different. Hence, take this only as a general information. Always consult a doctor and take his advice.

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