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How the brain detects and regulates inflammation

How the brain detects and regulates inflammation

It is interesting to know how the Brain detects and regulates inflammation. Very often we get injuries and infections due to various reasons and have mild to severe pain, cold, cough, fever etc. as a result. Some go very easily but we may have to take medication or treatment for some other. Our body has the self-repair and cure mechanism which gives us relief from the pain and other issues. It is the Immune System in our body which gets triggered so as to control the infection and repair damaged tissues.

The Brain gets information about the body’s immune status. Pro-inflammatory mediators are released during the process which gives information to the Brain. The Brain then coordinates the Immune Response and triggers a complex reaction. This is known as “sickness behaviour” which reassigns energy to the body’s different systems.

But how does the Brain adapt our behaviour in response to an infection or injury? According to a recent article published by MedicalXpress describes about the process. According to a team of scientists researching on this, there exists a circuit which senses and regulates the anti-inflammatory response.

The process in a nutshell

A multidisciplinary team of scientists from the Institut Pasteur, CNRS and Inserm have conducted research on the detection and regulation of Inflammation by the Brain Cells. Their research revealed the existence of a Circuit involved in sensing and also in the regulation of anti-inflammatory response orchestrated by different regions of the Brain. They say that this Circuit detects Inflammation in the Blood and organizes and regulates the Immune Response. It establishes a two-way connection between the Brain and the Immune System.

Read in detail about how the brain detects and regulates inflammation, in the original article published by MedicalXpress on July 25th 2023 here

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Picture and original article credit: MedicalXpress

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