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EEG – Electroencephalogram Basics

EEG – Electroencephalogram Basics

An Electroencephalogram or EEG in short, also called as Electroencephalography is a non-invasive test that is used to detect the Electrical Activity in the Brain. EEG equipment uses small metal discs or Electrodes attached to the Skull’s surface to record the Electric Signals produced in the Brain.

The Brain of Humans and other animals produces small electric currents and communicate via these electrical impulses which are active even when we are sleeping. A Wavy Lines shows these activity on an EEG Recording. EEG is used to diagnose Epilepsy and other Brain Disorders. The Brain constantly generates minute electrical currents of potential up to 100 micro volts in a normal person. About 20 Electrodes are attached, equally spaced, to the Scalp’s surface. The position of these Electrodes are carefully measured so that subsequent recordings from the same person can be compared with earlier ones.

Why is EEG Done

EEG is done to determine changes in the Brain Activity, Epilepsy, other Seizure Disorders, Brain Tumor, Brain Damage from Head injury, Brain Dysfunction etc. It can also be used in diagnosing Inflammation of the Brain (Encephalitis), Stroke and Sleep Disorders. EEG is useful to confirm Brain Death of a person in persistent Coma. It is also used to help finding the right level of Anesthesia for someone in a Medically Induced Coma.

The instrument used for detecting and recording the Electric Current produced by the Brain is known as Electroencephalograph and the process is called Electroencephalography. EEG was discovered by Hans Berger of Jena in Germany in 1929.

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