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Origin of Ice Cream

Origin of Ice Cream

Do you know where is the origin of the Ice Cream?. Ice Cream is common in all parts of the world now with many different and delicious flavours available. At one time, Ice Creams were consumed only during summer season but now it is, during all seasons. Where did it originate from and how it spread to all parts of the world?


Originally, the Ice Cream was made in China. The famous explorer Marco Polo, about 700 years back brought the Ice Cream to Italy. He once went to China along with his father and brother during 1270’s. They were on a trading expedition. He happened to see a frozen food item being sold at Handcarts on the streets of present Beijing. The seller offered him the confectionary as a gift which he took with him to Italy.


In 1533, the idea of Ice Creams got across France when Catherine de Medici of Italy went to France and married the second son of Francis I of France. Catherine had taken a large number of cooks with her. They introduced the new delicacy in France.

Henrietta Maria of France who married Charles I had a cook who brought Ice Cream to England in 1630. Very soon, Ice Cream spread to all parts of the world including USA. The first commercial factory for making Ice Creams was started in Baltimore Maryland in 1851. But the real business of Ice Cream flourished only after 1900 when Refrigerators were invented.

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