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Data Science

Data Science

Data Science is a highly demanding area now. What is it and what are its specialties. Let us look briefly into it. Data Science is a field that uses Scientific Methods, Processes, Algorithms and Systems that generate meaningful and highly useful information from both Structured and Unstructured Data. This is then applied across a broad range of Application Domains. Data Science is closely related to Big Data, Machine Learning and Data Mining.

Data Science uses different techniques and theories drawn from many areas within the context of Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science, Information Science and Domain Knowledge. But it is different from Computer Science and Information Science. A person who creates Programs and combines them with Statistical Knowledge to create Insights from the Data is known as a Data Scientist.

Big Data

Big Data is used by businesses and companies of varying sizes. Data Scientists are responsible for breaking down the Big Data into usable Information and creating Software and Algorithms that help Companies and Businesses to determine Optimal Operations.


There are different techniques and technologies used for Data Science depending upon the application. Some of the techniques are listed below.

    • Regression – Linear and Logistic
    • Decision Trees – Prediction Models for classification and Data fitting
    • Support-Vector Machine – SVM
    • Cluster Analysis – a technique used to group Data together
    • Dimensionality Reduction – reduce the complexity of the Data Computation
    • Machine Learning – a technique used to perform tasks by inferencing patterns from data
    • Naïve Bayes Classifiers – used to classify by applying the Bayes’ Theorem

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Current Trend

Data Science is one of the most exciting fields out in the market today. It reveals trends and produces insights that businesses can use to make better decisions and create more innovative products and services. There are many organizations providing courses on Data Science.

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