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Space Anemia

Space Anemia

Space Anemia is generally reported with Astronauts returning after long Space Missions. Anemia is a physical condition where one lack enough healthy Red Blood Cells to carry the required amount of Oxygen to various body tissues. Space Anemia has been reported ever since the first Space Mission. The cause of this condition was unknown for sometime.

I read an article in Sci-News, dated 14 Jan 2022 where it is reported that destruction of Red Blood Cells contributes to the Space Anemia. Thought it is worth sharing with you all. This probably could happen during long-duration flights as well. The report says that on Earth, our bodies create and destroy 2 million Red Blood Cells every second.

Astronauts were destroying 54% more Red Blood Cells during their 6-month missions onboard the International Space Station. This is based on a new study by a team of Scientists from the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute and the University of Ottawa. The study report is published in the Journal “Nature Medicine”.

Read the complete article on Sci-News for more details about this study.

Read another article on the same topic published by SciTechDaily published on 14th Jan 2022 by the Ottawa Hospital.

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