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What happens to our body in sleep?

What happens to our body in sleep?

Do you know what happens to our body during sleep?. It is estimated that we sleep for almost one-third of our life span. It is very much needed by the body.

Our daily routine can be extremely tiresome to our mind and body. The brain also gets exhausted end of the day. It is during sleep that our body gets re-energized. The Energy and Freshness get restored during sleep and the organs and body-tissues get fresh energy. The body repairs the worn-out tissues and cells on its own.

How do we get sleep

Scientific studies reveal that there is a very complex area in the brain called “Sleep Centre”. It is controlled by the Calcium Ions present in the blood. When the Sleep Centre gets an optimum amount of Calcium, we go into sleep.

Experiments show that when calcium is injected directly into the Sleep Centre of animals, they start sleeping. It does not happen if calcium is injected into the blood stream.

While in sleep, the Sleep Centre does two things. It blocks off the brain that we may not have no will-power or consciousness left. It also blocks all nerves from the brain so that our internal organs and limbs fall asleep.

What happens during sleep

During sleep, our body continues doing many types of movements. A man in his sleep changes his sides between 20 to 40 times just in one night. Blood circulation is continued during sleep. The Heart beats at a lower rate during sleep. Digestive system works normally. Liver and kidneys perform their normal functions.

During sleep, the body temperature is lowered by about one degree Celsius. The Body cells will be engaged fully to get rid of the waste materials accumulated during the active part of the day.

Effect of sound, light, heat and smell can be similar between persons but practically it is found to be different. It depends upon the individual’s depth of sleep.

An average adult requires at least 7 to 8 hours sleep. Children up to 15 years need about 10 hours of sleep. So, our daily routine has to be adjusted so that we get proper, undisturbed sleep during night. This to energize our body and keep fit for the next day.

Sleep well and stay healthy.

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