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Stress – Stress Related Problems

Stress – Stress Related Problems

There are many health problems that are directly linked with Stress. Let us look into some of them. Cardiovascular Diseases, Immune System problems, Asthma, Diabetes etc. are also one way or the other the side-effects of Stress.

High Blood Pressure

Cardiovascular disease is probably the most serious health problem directly related to Stress. That is the illness or problems with the Heart and the System of Blood Vessels of the body and unfortunately the major cause of death. Apart from Stress, Smoking as well as High-Fat diets are also contributors for Cardiovascular diseases.

The Adrenal Hormones in our body act in such a way that it increases the Blood Pressure. A temporary rise in the Blood Pressure is normal and does not pose any threat to the health. But a frequent or persistent rise in Blood Pressure can be dangerous. Hardening of the Arteries, called as Arteriosclerosis can be due to High Blood Pressure. The development of Blood Plaque in the Arteries progressively narrows the pathway through which Blood flows. This can eventually lead to Angina, Stroke and Heart Failure.

Immune System

The Immune System in our body fights the invaders like Viruses and harmful Bacteria as well as Cancer. The Thymus Gland is affected badly by excessive Stress and that damages our Immune System. This builds the White Blood Cells called T-Cells which regulates Immunity and produce various Immune related Hormones.

The reactions due to Stress diverts the resources in our body to the main parts of the body like Brain, Heart and Muscles. This is to deal with the Stress. Thus other parts of the body like Immune System are deprived of resources. Hormones produced by the Adrenal Glands can cause the Thymus Gland to Shrink, thus degrading production and activity of the White Blood Cells. This causes a weak Immune System and we become less resistant to common infections.


Chronic Stress reduces the efficiency of the Adrenal Glands. This in turn reduces the output of Anti-Inflammatory and Anti-Allergic Adrenal Hormones. This can cause a likely Asthma Attack.

Asthma is a respiratory disorder marked by the temporary constriction of the Bronchi. Asthma attacks are normally brought on by the allergic reaction to Antigens like Grass, Pollen, Fungi etc.


The release of Adrenal Hormones under stress can have an adverse effect on Blood Sugar Levels. The Adrenaline causes the Sugar in the Liver to be dumped into the main Blood Stream. Cortisol acts to reduce the Metabolism of Glucose by Cells. Large amounts of Cortisol results in reduced Insulin Sensitivity. Insulin Sensitivity is the Hormone’s efficiency and Sugar Metabolism is the responsibility of the Hormone Insulin, secreted by the Pancreas.

Diabetes is caused by the inability of our body to metabolize the Sugar correctly. It leads to excessively high levels of Sugar in the Blood.

Live Stress-Free and live Healthy.

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