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Why do women have a sweet voice?

Why do women have a sweet voice?

We know that the voice of women is sweeter than that of men. But have you thought of the reason behind it?. There are many cases where even men have feminine voice though boys have it till the age of eleven or twelve.

The voice of a boy starts changing and becomes deeper after eleven or twelve years of age. But the voice is not much changed in girls.


The age between eleven to thirteen is known as the period of puberty. During this period, some of the glands in our body starts producing sex hormones. These hormones bring several changes in boys and girls. It is during this period growth of facial hair, pubic hair auxiliary hair and hair on the under arms happens. Due to the hormonal changes, the voice of boys starts becoming deeper during this period.

The Human body starts production of a hormone called Testosterone which is mainly responsible for changes in the length and thickness of our Vocal Cords. The Larynx the Voice Box, is also affected by this. The Larynx of men becomes larger than that of women. The Vocal Cord of men is also larger than that of women.

Changes in the length of Larynx and Vocal Cord results in lowering the Frequency/Pitch of the sound in boys and men. Hence the male voice becomes deeper than the female voice. Usually this hormone is not produced in girls. However some changes occur in girls’ voice also due to the growth of their throat, mouth, nose and upper jaw.

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