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AI in Space Exploration

AI in Space Exploration

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been used to count and map Craters on the Moon in Space Exploration.

Reports show that a team of researchers have used a Machine Learning Artificial Intelligence Application to count and note the location of Craters on the Moon. Researchers are affiliated with many institutions in China, one from Italy and one from Iceland. They published a paper in the journal “Nature Communications”. In the paper, they describe programming their systems to recognize Craters by training it with the Data collected by Chinese Lunar Orbiters.

So far, the work of identifying and mapping Craters on the Moon is a slow process. Process involves manual work where researchers have to study photographs and then transferring the observations to Maps or Moon Globes.

With the new method, the researchers have found a way to improve and speedup the process using AI. A Computer is trained to identify Craters and then count them.

Read the report released by Phys.Org on 23th December here

Picture used for illustration only – Credit: Andrew Planck

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