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Anti-Inflammatory Drugs and Pain Control

Anti-Inflammatory Drugs and Pain Control

It is a common practice to use Anti-Inflammatory Drugs and Steroids for Pain Control. But a research shows that using Anti-Inflammatory Drugs and Steroids to relieve pain could increase the chances of developing chronic pain. There is an article published at which outlines this risk.

According to the article published on 11th of May 2022, researchers from the McGill University and Colleagues in Italy have found out that usage of Anti-Inflammatory Drugs and Steroids to relieve pain could increase the chances of developing chronic pain. For a long time, the standard medical practice to treat pain is using Anti-Inflammatory Drugs. But the research points out that this short-term fix could lead to longer, harder-to-treat problems.

As per their studies, the researchers have found that Neutrophils, a type of White Blood Cell helps the body in fighting the infection and play a key role in relieving pain. These Neutrophils dominate the early stages of inflammation and set the stage for repair of damages in the tissue. The researchers have found that blocking Neutrophils in Mice prolonged the pain up to ten times than the normal duration.

Read the complete article published at MedicalXpress here

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