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Fitness After Fifty

Fitness After Fifty

You must concentrate on fitness especially after fifty. Staying fit and active in your 50s and after is the best gift that you can give to yourselves. Symptoms due to aging starts showing up after 50. To counter that and keep yourselves fit, you must maintain a regular routine of exercises, eating healthy food and getting proper sleep.


Exercises can enhance the energy levels and maintain a healthy weight. It is good for your brain, emotional state and your body. By maintaining a healthy weight, you are reducing the chances for Blood Pressure and risks of Heart Diseases and Arthritis.

The Muscular strength decreases with age. Hence we must do things that can strengthen our Muscular System. While doing exercises, make it a practice to do it with a partner – wife, friend, son or daughter as that person can motivate you. Do exercises regularly. The Tendons in our body get thicker and less elastic as we grow old. Stretch your body periodically to counter this and prevent injuries after fifty. A slow stretching and not by force bouncing is what you should do. A personal trainer can be very useful.

Cardiovascular exercise is important and that is what you must do to stretch your body and keep fit. Doing Yoga is very much helpful and Meditation brings calmness to your mind. The Breathing pattern will also be better once you practice Yoga and Meditation.

Food and Sleep

It is very much important to control your eating habits once you cross fifty. Eat a healthy and easily digestible food that is good for your body. Be sure to include required Nutrients in your diet. Breakfast and Dinner should never be skipped and should have at proper times. Breakfast gives you the required energy and having it regularly at a fixed time keeps you away from Gastric problems. A light dinner, two hours before you go to sleep is highly recommended for proper digestion and getting good and sound sleep in the night.

At least 7 to 8 hours peaceful sleep is what a person requires daily. All your worries and ailments become more active when you are on the bed and to your own. It is quite natural that you sleep late thinking of various things that worries you and need special attention for which you don’t get any time during the day-time. Once you start having Arthritis related problems, you start having all sorts of pains and cramps especially when you are on the bed. All these keep you awake for hours together and you get deprived of a sound sleep.

You can read about what to do and not to do, in order to keep you fit after fifty on various publications. But only when you start implementing a routine, you will get benefited. Also, as I say always, consult your doctor or a specialist who can guide you properly in selecting exercises and diet plan for your age.

Live healthy and happy.

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