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Global Warming and frequent Storms in Arabian Sea

Global Warming and frequent Storms in Arabian Sea

The Arabian Sea has been active with frequent Storms recently and experts say that the Global Warming is a reason for this change. Indian Ocean is already known as a Cyclone Hotbed with intense and frequent weather changes. Now Arabian Sea also seems to have changed like Indian Ocean. Professor Bhanu Kumar, the former Head of the Department of Oceanography and Meteorology in Andhra University expressed the above concerns.

For few weeks or months, we have seen several Cyclones and Depression due to which many have lost their lives, homes and savings of their lifetime. The Cyclone Gulab made its way from Bay Of Bengal to the Arabian Sea and developed another Cyclone in the area.

Several states of India received unusual, good monsoon rains for three consecutive years. This year only there were more than ten disturbances as explained by Prof. Bhanu Kumar. He also said that the sharp rise in sea surface temperatures and rising sea levels will be a threat to the coastal areas in the future.

The first Cyclone this year was the Tauktae in May and Cyclone Shaeen we saw in October which resulted in major damage in many areas. Everyone must be responsible in controlling the Global Warming. Otherwise, we will see more natural calamities in the future.

Read the full report as published in Times of India on 5th October 2021.

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