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Hatha Yoga and Vinyasa Yoga – Basics

Hatha Yoga and Vinyasa Yoga – Basics

Hatha Yoga and Vinyasa Yoga are two branches of Yoga. They have some differences and are practiced by many. The Hatha Yoga is more common with the Yogis of Natha Sampradaya, founded by Matsyendranath, a saint in both Hindu and Buddhist Tantric and Hatha Yoga schools. Vinyasa Yoga is a creative form of Yoga. The Yogic poses in Vinyasa Yoga are linked together with breath control in a specific sequence.


Hatha Yoga focuses particularly on Asanas (physical postures). It became popular throughout the world as a form of Physical Exercise in the 20th Century. The components of Hatha Yoga include Shatkarmas or Shadkriyas, Asanas, Mudras and Pranayama.

The Shadkriyas are Neti, Dhauti, Nauli, Basti, Kapalabhati are Traataka which are Hatha Yoga punctuations of the body to prepare for the ain work of Yoga towards Moksha (liberation). There are different Asanas (postures) like Mayurasana, Kukkudasana etc. Mudras manipulate the Vital Energy and Pranayama (Anuloma and Viloma) are breath control.

The term Vinyasa is the alignment of movement along with breath control. One will move from one pose to another along with inhalation and exhalation and also hold breath for few seconds between some poses. The steady cycle of inhalation and exhalation provides one with a calming, mental focal point. The movements from one pose to another gives an added Cardiovascular benefit while creating an internal heat. Vinyasa classes are great workout for increased strength and flexibility of your body.

Why Yoga

Yoga is for upkeeping of your body as well as inner functions. It is best if you can practice yoga early in the morning. At least 30 minutes of Yoga session a day gives you a very good result in reducing stress, backpain, headache and many other lifestyle and work related diseases.

Refer to a very good Yoga Practitioner and he/she will guide you on what you should be doing to get best results. Never start practicing Yoga just by watching a video or reading a book. An experienced trainer (Yogacharya) is absolutely necessary to guide you properly.

Live long, healthy and happy

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