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Health Hazards of Poor Lighting at Workplace

Health Hazards of Poor Lighting at Workplace

Both natural and artificial lighting can be hazardous to our health and wellbeing. Improper Lighting directly affects our mood and alertness.

Lighting and Health

The effect of lighting on our vision is very much important at workplace. Visual problems and discomfort occur due to improper lighting. The performance can go negative when it is difficult for the workers to see what they are supposed to see.

Working under insufficient lighting conditions triggers the release of sleep hormone Melatonin. This in turn reduces alertness. It also increases the chances of errors and accidents.

Lighting that cause glare or poor lighting creates visual discomfort. The result may be headache, sore eyes and body pain associated with incorrect posture. Burning of eye and itchiness can occur in some cases. Headache, blurred vision, dry or watery eyes are other related issues. It also can affect the endocrine system.

Recommendations for proper lighting

  • Wherever possible, make use of Natural Light instead of Artificial Light
  • Adjust the Illuminance according to the task – different tasks require different levels of illuminance
  • Workers having visual problems may need more or less light compared to their colleagues. So, keep optimum lighting conditions suited for the workers
  • Interior Design, Fabric used and Reflection of light plays an important role in optimum lighting conditions
  • Emergency Lighting is very much important for enabling safe evacuation or safe continuation of essential processes

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Picture used for illustration only – Credit: HSME Magazine

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