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Grapes And Health

Grapes And Health

Grapes contain a number of compounds – about 1600 compounds – which are good for our health. Potassium, Vitamin E, Resveratrol, Melatonin, Polyphenols, Antioxidants, Quercetin are some of the vital compounds that Grapes contain. Let us see some of the important benefits.

Potassium and Vitamin E

Potassium helps balance fluids in our body and help bringing down high Blood Pressure. It also can lower the risk of Heart Disease and Stroke. Eating Grapes can fill the shortage of Potassium in your diet. Grape seeds contain abundance of Vitamin E, which helps in keeping your Skin smooth and hydrated. Some of the components in Grape are known to be preventing Acne and increasing Blood Flow to the Scalp, resulting in healthier Hair.

Polyphenols, Resveratrol and Quercetin

Resveratrol is a part of Polyphenol family which help counteract Insulin Resistance and thus helping in thwarting Diabetes. Resveratrol, Quercetin and other compounds contained in Grapes help reducing the Blood Sugar. We know that Insulin is the Hormone which regulates Blood Sugar. Once our body starts to resist Insulin, risk of Diabetes is the result. However, the allowable dosage of Resveratrol and thus consumption of Grapes vary from person to person.

Grapes are good for Weight Loss, protection from Cataract and Glaucoma, boosting the Immunity of your body etc. Resveratrol can slow down the breakdown of cells due to normal ageing. Grapes contain lot of water and insoluble Fiber which can helps running the Digestive System smoothly. The Melatonin in the Grape skins can improve your sleep and reduce Jet Lag and Insomnia.

Grapes have a low Glycemic Index and hence they don’t raise your Blood Sugar too quickly. Hence they are found to be good for Diabetic patients. Polyphenols give colour to the purple Grapes and help prevent Type 2 Diabetes.

Disclaimer: Information provided above are collected from various sources and are only for public awareness. Allowable quantity of Grapes varies from person to person depending upon the conditions. Therefore always consult your Doctor or Dietitian before starting to consume Grapes regularly

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