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Medicinal Values of Ginger

Medicinal Values of Ginger

Ginger, as we know is a flowering plant and having a number of medicinal qualities. It is used as a spice and folk medicine. Ginger belongs to the family Zingiberaceae like Turmeric, Cardamom etc. It is one of the first species known to be exported from Asia, arriving in Europe with the spice trade. It was used by ancient Greeks and Romans. Its origin is from Southeast Asia.

Medicinal Qualities

The rhizome (underground part of the stem) is the part commonly used as a spice. Ginger, is often called ginger root or, simply, ginger. Ginger can be used fresh, dried, powdered, or as an oil or juice. It is a very common ingredient in recipes and sometimes added to processed foods and cosmetics.

Ginger has a number of health benefits.

  1. It can fight Germs – Good in fighting bacteria like E.coli and Shigella
  2. Good for Nausea – Breaks up and gets rid of built-up gas in the intestine. Can also help in settling seasickness or Nausea caused by Chemotherapy
  3. Anti-Inflammatory – Ginger has anti-inflammatory qualities and is good for reducing swelling
  4. Slow down Cancer Growth – The Bioactive Molecules in Ginger may slow down the growth of cancers like Colorectal, Gastric, Ovarian, Liver, Skin, Breast etc.
  5. Helps lowering the Blood Sugar
  6. Good for Menstrual Cramps – Ginger Powder may help in reducing the Menstrual pain
  7. Lowers Cholesterol – Daily dose of Ginger can help reduce your LDL or bad Cholesterol
  8. Abundance of Antioxidants – Ginger is loaded with Antioxidants and compounds that prevent stress and damage to the body’s DNA
  9. Relieves Indigestion – For those who have problems in digestion, Ginger can be helpful. Ginger before a meal helps the system empty faster
  10. Contains Gingerol – having powerful medicinal properties
  11. Helps in Weight loss
  12. May improve brain function and protect against Alzheimer’s Disease

Ginger is loaded with nutrients and bioactive compounds that have powerful benefits for your body and brain.

Source of Information: WebMd and Healthline publications

Disclaimer: Published only for public awareness. Always consult your doctor or dietitian before attempting any new medication or changes in your food/diet plan.

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