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Three R’s and Waste Management

Three R’s and Waste Management

We all know that the Three R’s (3R’s) refers to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle which helps us in cutting down the amount of waste.

Why is Waste Management important

Waste Management is utmost important in conserving the Natural Resources as well as preserving the environment. 3R’s can help us in conserving Natural Resources, Landfill Space and Energy. We all must practice and help in achieving efficient Waste Management.

It is not an easy job and at the same time very difficult in finding a suitable place to dispose off the waste due to environmental issues. So, by reducing the amount of waste, we can help the authorities in efficiently managing the waste. Also, we must take consideration of the heroes working on and behind the scene keeping our environment clean and sustainable.


Reduce the amount of waste we produce everyday. The best way to manage waste is by not producing it wherever we can.


There are many things that we can reuse in our daily life. Instead of throwing away things, try to reuse them wisely.


Recycling can preserve valuable natural resources and by recycling used materials, we can save a lot in the production cost. Try to use recycled materials or recycle used materials as much as we can.

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Conserve energy and preserve the environment. Create a Sustainable Environment. Live healthy and safe.

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