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What is Dominant Eye?

What is Dominant Eye?

Have you heard of Dominant Eye? We normally use one side of our body than the other and also use one hand more than the other. Just like this most of us have one eye dominant and stronger than the other. Studies show that 65% people have an unconscious preference for their right eye and 32% for their left eye. The remaining 3% use both eyes equally or they are said to be Ambicular.

Eye Dominance

Dominant Eye need not always have a better vision. It may be that one leads better than the other because of preference. The Dominant eye is the one that provides slightly more input to the Visual Cortex of the Brain. It relays information more accurately such as the location of objects.

Researches show that eye dominance and handedness are associated. But they are not directly related. While it is possible for a right-handed person to be left-eye dominant, normally one who is right-handed will be right-eye dominant. The Eye Dominance can vary from person to person.

There are three different types of Eye-Dominance, which can be determined by special tests. They are as follows.

  1. Sighting Dominance – the preference of one eye over the other when fixating on a target
  2. Motor Dominance – this refers to the eye that is less likely to lose fixation at the near point of convergence
  3. Sensory Dominance – it refers to the eye that has a stronger vision than the other

According to scientists all individuals have equal refraction for both eyes. The difference in size of objects felt by the right-eyed and left-eyed persons is only psychological. It is an unconscious individual preference practiced from the beginning that leads to the dominance of a particular eye.

Read more about Eye Dominance and how to test it here

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